Please read through all my policies below before placing your order:

1. Although my online shop is open 24/7 i only work on orders between 9am & 5pm GMT Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri. I am based in Ireland so i also observe all Irish Public Holidays. I do not work Wednesdays or Weekends so please take this into account if you are waiting to hear back from me.

2. Please take a moment before you purchase to ensure you have the correct level of technical skill to install / use the design you are about to order. I can install your items for you but it is quite expensive for me to do so.

3. Usually i create a couple of completely different design samples when i work on a custom design and in the end only one is chosen. I reserve the right to offer these rejected designs for resale in my store.

4. If an email address (for me to ship your kit to) is not included with your order, i will send your final files to the email address linked to your paypal account. So please make sure you have access to this account.

5. Design work cannot be started until all required content has been received.

6. PSD files included with premade logo kits do not have editable text layers. The PSD file you receive will have all design elements placed on different layers so they can be moved around separately & colors can be changed easily but you cannot change the text. In order to protect my designs it is strictly against my policies to make these original files available.

7. All blog kits are designed to sit on the background color you see in the listing. I do not make all images transparent, so please do not assume that you can take a white blog design and place it seamlessly on a cream or pink or grey background. The decision on which images are made in transparent png format is based purely on web practices & file size. If you need a transparent version of your images you need to let me know before you purchase so i can quote you for the extra time involved.

8. On average i can have 80-100 projects on my plate at any one time. Although i understand that everyone wants their design finished asap, it is physically impossible for me to turn around changes to every customer every day. First proofs for premade orders always go out within 24hrs but after initial proofing please understand that subsequent changes can take 24+ hours to be sent back.

9. No design work will be completed without an order being placed first.

10. Visible compression may occur when you upload your final banner to your etsy store or facebook page. Please note that i have no control over these settings, they are determined by both ETSY and FACEBOOK respectively.

11. Metallic effects like gold and silver that are used in my designs will never fully replicate actual gold foil when printed. The gold portion of the design will be printed in ink, ideally in millions of different shades of brown, yellow and orange to make a yellow/gold multi toned shade. If you would like actual gold foil on your cards then it is advisable to bring your design to a specialist print shop that will emboss actual gold foil over your design. I cannot accept responsibility for budget printing ultimately not looking high end.

12. The final files for all my printable designs come in 300 DPI JPG format. It is really important that you check with your chosen print place that this format will suffice. On average, online print places such as MOO or VISTAPRINT will accept jpg source files, whereas bricks & mortar print shops may not. If you receive your final files and then find out that they will not suit i cannot adjust the files for free or send a refund. Even if you are willing to pay an extra fee it is not a matter of simply ‘resaving’ your files in PDF format.

13. Add Ons purchased in conjunction with premade kits are not, by nature, one of a kind. I reserve the right to list them in the store at a future date. If you would like your branding to be one of a kind you need to purchase a custom design.

14. When you retire a logo you are ensuring that it will not be sold again. Any past sales cannot be recalled, so it is important to note that retiring a logo does not guarantee that it is ‘one of a kind’. Anyone who purchased the logo in the past will still have the right to continue using it for their own branding purposes.

15. Rights/Licence:
– You are free to use the retired logo design to brand your business in any way you wish.
– PSD files are included by default so you can change the text to your own needs.
Please note that when you retire a logo you have permission to use it in logo format only. You cannot resell it in any way or claim it as your own creation.

16. Turnaround times for first proofs on custom commissions vary, so please get in touch before ordering. If you need your proofs or final files by a specific deadline, do get in touch and i will try my best to accommodate.

17. Turnaround times for first proofs on pre-made orders is 24 hours.

18. Processing Times: It is impossible to predict the end date of a graphic design project, mainly because i have no idea how many rounds of changes will need to be done to get your design just right. Because of this, i cannot give specific end dates on projects.

19. Hand-drawn graphics used in premade logos and kits remain under my copyright even after they have been purchased. Your premade logo kit entitles you to use your logo as a logo ONLY to represent your business but it does not allow use of my characters or drawings to sell stand alone licenced products, print fabric, clothing or any other product with the exception of employee workwear that shows the logo in its original form.

20. Use of my drawings on any item that claims my artwork as your own is strictly prohibited.

21. I reserve the right to cancel a transaction if a client is impolite or unnecessarily rude on more than one occasion. A refund will be sent for any remaining portion of your fee not yet used. Final files will be prepared on a design of your choice from this stage in the process. But no further work will be completed.

22. Custom logo commissions include 4 initial concepts based on one brief. After this point 4 rounds of amendments are also included. Once these have been exhausted, further proofing boards will be charged at €50/each. To avoid this surcharge, just do lots of research and have your brief clearly pinnned down before beginning work.

23. Custom Brand Identity commissions. The main logo portion of this package includes 4 initial concepts based on one brief. After this point 4 rounds of amendments are also included. Once these have been exhausted, further ‘main logo’ proofing boards will be charged at €50/each. To avoid this surcharge, just do lots of research and have your brief clearly pinnned down before beginning work.

24. All logo designs (premade + custom) are cropped close to the design during final file preparation. So depending on their original proportions, they all will not sit in a square shape, so they cannot be simply uploaded to social media profile pictures or banners without a small amount of resizing.

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